About Selvz

A shift from physical to virtual interaction in many facets of life has began with the arrival of Virtual Reality.


OUR VISION is to improve the convenience, comfort and utility of staying immersed in Virtual Reality.

OUR MISSION is to offer businesses and brands cost effective solutions to establish their presence in Virtual Reality.

Our Product

Selvz VR Media Platform Demo

Industry Problem:  

Goldman Sachs star analyst Heather Bellini stated how VR has the potential to become the next big computing platform yet the market is still nascent with many uncertainties and questions.  Early experimentations tend to be risky and expensive yet what solutions are there for businesses and brands to enter and take part of this exciting trend while mitigating and minimizing the risks?

Our Solution: 

Virtual Media Environments (VME) enable businesses and brands to establish their presence in Virtual Reality.  Brands and businesses can invite customers, employees, partners, and/or the general public to watch their corporate media at the comfort of premium media environments from which they can jump in and out of multiple VR experiences while staying completely immersed within the virtual world.

Selvz Universal VR Media Solution
  • marc_scarpa

    Marc ScarpaVeteran Director and Executive Producer of live participatory media. Founder of Simplynew.

    Ambitious vision from a group of recurring entrepreneurs. SELVZ will ultimately define a new genre of storytelling through this innovative platform. Worth taking a look at for sure.

  • Harish-Rao

    Harish RaoFounder & CEO, Interpersonal Frequency

    Great team of visionary leaders, and an amazing concept that I believe these guys will execute well. SELVZ represents the future of human interaction in the digital / online communities.

  • andrew_kaslow

    Andy KaslowInvestor, Board Director, Business Advisor

    SELVZ is a breakthrough medium that accelerates the convergence of the real world and the digital world. It empowers individuals to achieve self-actualization and growth by endowing their digital personae, ie avatars, with characteristics that reflect their most aspirational goals and enhances their personal power to achieve them. SELVZ is the wave of the future.

Our Team

Eduardo Yeh

Eduardo Yeh was co-founder and president of iPing, Inc. and its time sensitive notification platform Mr.Wakeup until its acquisition by eCal Corporation in early 2000.

Eduardo Yeh
Co-Founder & CEO
Mauricio de Souza

Mauricio was co-founder of Digilab, pioneering company to offer tech solutions to TV companies in LatAm. He has domain expertise in 3D, Computer Vision and owns the patent which serves as the basis for Selvz.

Mauricio Machado de Souza
Co-Founder & CTO

Our Advisors


Sridhar Rao

Sri was co-founder and the director of technology at Exchange.com. Exchange.com was purchased by Amazon.com where Sri went on as a Senior Architect to build out Amazon Marketplace. His involvement in startups has been throughout all phases of a company’s life-cycle from pre-concept to exits. Currently, he is an entrepreneur-in-residence for Samsung Accelerator in Palo Alto, CA.


Masi Oka

Masi Oka is as strategic partner since 2013. Masi Oka received Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for his roles in “Heroes” series. After graduating Brown University with degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and a Theatre Arts minor, Oka took his first job at George Lucas’ Oscar-winning special effects house ILM, where he worked on over 30 films, developing software solutions that were catered towards the needs of production for the film. He is fluent in Japanese and proficient in Spanish. Oka sits on the Celebrity Cabinet of the American Red Cross.


Andrew Kaslow

Mr. Kaslow is an internationally recognized leader in human resource management and executive and organizational development. He has served as the Chief Human Resources Officer for four global companies– Time Warner, Vivendi Universal, AIG, and Becton Dickinson. In addition, Kaslow held senior HR leadership positions at PepsiCo and TRW, both considered best practice benchmarks in executive development. Dr. Kaslow earned his PhD in the behavioral sciences from Columbia University, and has been a speaker at numerous conferences on strategic human resource management.


Tom Tercek

Tom Tercek is a media executive with 23 years experience in the design and development of entertainment and media brands enabled by new technologies, including: web, mobile, satellite & cable TV, and games consoles. Mr. Tercek is a former television producer and programmer: 9 years as Creative Director with MTV Networks, then later as co-founder of Global Media Holdings, where he created and launched two cable networks in Japan.


Haywood Nelson

Haywood Nelson is a performing artist best known for his role as Dwayne in the 70’s sitcom “What’s Happening” by ABC/Columbia Pictures Television. He has worked in a number of productions as well as in international film distribution, sales and marketing at Tanglewood Entertainment Group. Mr. Nelson has an educational background in Architectural Design from Porter and Chester Institute, Connecticut, and Electronics Engineering at Pratt Institute, New York.

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